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EU Citizenship

Cyprus Passport and E.U. Citizenship

Non Cypriot citizens can apply for Cyprus and EU citizenship through investment.
Options of investment include real estate, land development, infrastructure businesses, Cypriot
companies or businesses, alternative investment funds (“AIFs”), financial assets of Cypriot
companies or organizations licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, or a
combination of the aforementioned investments.

It is important to note that the applicant must have made the appropriate investments three
years prior to their application.

Investment in Real Estate, land development and infrastructure projects

To apply and claim Cypriot citizenship through investment in property, the applicant must invest
a minimum of €2 million in one or more residential or commercial properties.

The retainment period for the investment must be three years, and the minimum value of a
purchased property must be no less than €500,000, which must be the permanent residence of
the investor.

The investor must also include in their application an investment plan for the development of the
purchased property.

Investments in the purchase, incorporation or participation of Cypriot Companies or businesses

Having invested in a property or business operating in the Republic of Cyprus of at least €2
million, the invested funds must be funneled to fulfil the company’s financial objectives explicitly
in the Republic of Cyprus.

The application is then evaluated in order to confirm that the properties and businesses invested
in operate and are legally registered in Cyprus and that they employ at least 5 Cypriot or
European Union citizens. Additionally, the employees of said companies need to have legally
and continuously resided in Cyprus for 5 years preceding the application submission date.
Investments in Alternative Investment Funds (“AIFs”) or financial assets of Cypriot
companies or Cypriot organizations that are licensed by the Cyprus Securities and
Exchange Commission (“CySec”)

Having invested a minimum of €2 million in Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) established in
the Republic of Cyprus. The AIF’s must be licensed and supervised by CySec and must meet
the criteria of this Scheme and must be approved by the Minister of Finance.

Furthermore, the auditor or the manager must report ,in writing, on an annual basis with
reference to the initial investment.

The criteria of this Scheme include: purchase of financial assets of Cypriot businesses or
organizations of at least €2 Million, such as bonds, bills and securities, issued with the approval
of the CySec, by companies that have proven physical presence and substantial economic
activity in the Republic of Cyprus, and have a purpose of the financing of the investment plans
of these businesses or organizations exclusively in Cyprus, based on an investment plan.

Combination of the aforementioned investments

The applicant may proceed with a combination of the aforementioned investment options,
provided that the total amount of investments will amount to at least €2,0

Applying through a combination of investments, the applicant may purchase special government
bonds of the Republic of Cyprus of up to €500,000. These special bonds will be issued by the
Public Debt Management OFFice of the Ministry of Finance, on condition that the investor will
retain these bonds for a three year period.

It must be noted that investments in government bonds through the secondary market are not
considered eligible.

To the Mentioned Application Options, the Following Terms and Conditions Apply

Clean Criminal Record - The applicant must submit a clean criminal record certificate from the
investors country of origin.

Residence in the Republic of Cyprus - The applicant must be an owner of a private residence
of at least €500,000 market value plus V.A.T. The residence must be situated in Cyprus. It must
be noted that members of the applicant’s immediate family, who apply separately as investors,
can collectively acquire a residence, provided that the total value of the home-property covers
the amount of €500.000 per each applicant.

Criteria regarding the investment (when applicable) - The applicant, prior to their
naturalization as a Cypriot citizen, must hold a residence permit in Cyprus. If the applicant does
not already hold a residence permit, they may apply for an immigration permit on the basis of
Regulation 6 (2) of the Aliens and Immigration Law, simultaneously with the application for
naturalization. If the application for acquiring an immigraiont permit is made solely for puproses
of acquiring the Cypriot citizenship, in accordance with the provisions of this Scheme, there are
no further conditions than those previously stated.

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